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The city of Tokyo and three prefectures have asked the Japanese government to declare a state of emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Kyodo News, Economic Revitalisation Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura said, “We agreed that we are in a severe situation that warrants us considering the declaration of a state of emergency.”

On April 7, former Prime Minister Shinzō Abe had declared a state of emergency. It was lifted one month later.

Tokyo and area are reporting a steep wave of infections. Currently, people are told to not leave their homes unless absolutely necessary.

Japan is reporting near 1000 daily cases and has shut its borders.

However, to date, Japan has had the 42nd most infections according to Worldometers.com. They have had a total of 240,945 cases with a low 28 deaths per 1M population.

In comparison, there are many countries with over 1000 deaths per million population. The US has a rate of 1,081/1M, Italy is at 1,247/1M, the UK is 1,102/1M, Bulgaria 1,105/1M. Interestingly, China claims just 3/1M. Belgium and San Marino top the globe with 1,691/1M and San Marino 1,737/1M, respectively.