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The new Garmin Enduro 2 running watch, which builds upon the initial base of an already impressive device, is touted as an ultra-performance multisport GPS and it is aimed at the trail and ultra community. The one thing that has me really excited is Garmin’s updated solar technology and that should increase the watch’s battery life up to an insane 150 hours! Which is up from the 80-ish hours of the previous unit.

It is always an exciting day when Garmin updates an already outstanding unit and I am looking forward to putting this one to the test now that we on the west coast (Vancouver Island) finally have had a run of summer.

The watch is available now and can be purchased at the Garmin website. Follow this link to the media release for more details but come back and look for a review in a few weeks to see if Garmin nailed this update or if the giant technology firm fell short.