In a thrilling 5,000 metre final, world record holder and former world champion, Uganda’s Joshua Cheptegei, won the Olympic title in the time of 12:58.15. Mo Ahmed from Canada took silver in the time of 12:58.61, while American Paul Chelimo grasped bronze in 12:59.05.

Cheptegei came back after a second-place finish in the 10,000 metres to secure the win. With a world-class field unleashing their furious kicks at the front of the pack and with 200m to go, it was a thrilling race. But Cheptegei’s determination allowed him to lengthen his lead and take the victory on the final straightaway. 

Uganda’s Joshua Cheptegei crosses the line to win the Men’s 5000m Final at the Olympic Stadium on the fourteenth day of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in Japan. Picture date: Friday August 6, 2021.

Cheptegei said, “I’m honoured to be a world record holder and Olympic champion as well. After my silver medal for 10,000m, I am very happy and proud to take home this gold medal for 5,000m. Great Olympics for Uganda”.

The battle for bronze was also exciting, as former Olympic silver medallist, USA’s Paul Chelimo dove forward at the line to take the final podium spot from Kenyan Nicholas Kipkorir Kimali. Both athletes approached their limits fighting until the finish line.

Ahmed took a heartbreaking fourth in Rio and sixth during the 10,00m race in Tokyo. His 5000m performance during the 2019 Doha World Athletics Championships earned him a bronze medal. The St. Catharines, ON native owns several national records including the 5000m at 12:47.20 from two years ago and the 10,000m at 26:59.35.


1UGACHEPTEGEI Joshua12:58.15
2CANAHMED Mohammed12:58.61
3USACHELIMO Paul12:59.05
4KENKIMELI Nicholas Kipkorir12:59.17
5UGAKIPLIMO Jacob13:02.40
6BRNBALEW Birhanu13:03.20
7CANKNIGHT Justyn13:04.38
8ESPKATIR Mohamed13:06.60
9USAFISHER Grant13:08.40
10ETHMENGESHA Milkesa13:08.50
11GBRBUTCHART Andrew13:09.97
12GUAGRIJALVA Luis13:10.09
13FRAGRESSIER Jimmy13:11.33
14USAKINCAID William13:17.20
15BRNFIKADU Dawit13:20.24
16UGACHELIMO Oscar13:44.45

Heat One

1KENKIMELI Nicholas Kipkorir13:38.87Q
2CANAHMED Mohammed13:38.96Q
3USAKINCAID William13:39.04Q
4UGACHELIMO Oscar13:39.07Q
5BRNBALEW Birhanu13:39.42Q
6GBRSCOTT Marc13:39.61
7FRAHAY Hugo13:39.95
8AUSMcNEILL David13:39.97
9ETHWALE Getnet13:41.13
10KENEBENYO Daniel Simiu13:41.64
11SUIRAESS Jonas13:43.52
12MARBOUQANTAR Soufiyan13:43.97
13CANBRUCHET Luc13:44.08
14ETHMELAK Nibret13:45.81
15ITACRIPPA Yemaneberhan13:47.12
16BELHENDRIX Robin13:58.37
17JPNBANDO Yuta14:05.80
18KGZKENESHBEKOV Nursultan14:07.79
19MTNABIDINE Abidine14:54.80

Heat Two

1ESPKATIR Mohamed13:30.10Q
2USACHELIMO Paul13:30.15Q
3CANKNIGHT Justyn13:30.22Q
4UGAKIPLIMO Jacob13:30.40Q
5UGACHEPTEGEI Joshua13:30.61Q
6ETHMENGESHA Milkesa13:31.13q
7GBRBUTCHART Andrew13:31.23q
8USAFISHER Grant13:31.80q
9FRAGRESSIER Jimmy13:33.47q
10GUAGRIJALVA Luis13:34.11q
11AUSMcDONALD Morgan13:37.36
12NORNORDAS Narve Gilje13:37.36
13EOREISA MOHAMMED Jamal Abdelmaji13:42.98
14BRNFIKADU Dawit13:44.03qR
15SAMASHELE Lesiba13:48.25
16GERMOHUMED Mohamed13:50.46
17BELKIMELI Isaac13:57.36
18JPNMATSUEDA Hiroki14:15.54