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The World Athletics Council has moved the event, scheduled to be held from May 13 to 14 2023, until April or May 2025, with the dates to be confirmed.  

The postponement impacts the qualification process for the relay events scheduled to take place during the Budapest 2023 World Athletics Championships.

The World Athletics Competition Commission has revised the qualification system to include the top eight teams from the 2022 Eugene World Athletics Championships and the top eight teams from the performance lists.

In a World Athletics press release, president Sebastian Coe said, “It is regrettable when we have to postpone an event,”

“However, World Athletics and the local organising committee are both committed to the responsible planning and delivery of the World Athletics Relays, which includes ensuring that athletes from all international federations are able to participate in and enjoy an experience in a safe and healthy environment.

“I want to thank our colleagues at the Chinese Athletics Association and the LOC for their efforts and cooperation in resolving this situation and look forward to 2025 when our hosts are able to stage a spectacular World Athletics Relays.”

According to the world meter tracking system, the coronavirus and its variants — since the pandemic was declared — 614,748,684 people have recovered out of 635,543,373 cases.

The US continues to lead with the most cases of any country with nearly 100 million infections reported. China, with the world’s largest population, continues to claim a very low infection rate. They rank 107th out of 230 countries or states. China reports in 259,959 total reported cases of Covid-19.