Hall_flashIt appears that Ryan Hall may have met his match, well at least the right match for a coach-athlete relationship and Hall’s quest to conquer the 2016 Rio Olympics in the marathon distance.

Runner’s World wrote:

Ryan Hall, the two-time Olympian who is the fastest marathoner in American history, has announced that he’s now being coached by Jack Daniels, author of the influential Daniels’ Running Formula and former head of the High Altitude Running Center in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Hall, who’s experienced subpar race results and withdrawals from races due to injury in the past two years, says in his blog that he had a “fun ride over the last couple of years being self-coached.” But he notes that Daniels has played an influential role in the development of many elites, including Hall, and that he believes Daniels can help him be at his best for the 2016 Olympics.

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