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Hicham Laqouahi of Morocco and Kenya’s Angela Asunde won the Bangabandhu Dhaka Marathon on Sunday.

Laqouahi finished in the time of 2:10:40 while Asunde clocked a 2:29:04.

Laqouahi winning the Dhaka Marathon. Photo courtesy of the organisers

Edwin Kiprov of Kenya won the men’s half-marathon in 64:11. Nowm Zebeth also of Kenya won the women’s category in 74:42.

The 31-year-old Laqouahi owns a personal best of 2:06:32 from the 2020 Marrakesh Marathon. It was the debut for Asunde.

Organisers claim that over 2000 runners from 15 different countries competed in the half-marathon and marathon. Runners from Kenya, Ethiopia, Morocco, Lesotho, Bahrain, Belarus, Ukraine, Maldives, Nepal, India, France, and Spain apparently took part.