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Geheimsache Doping – full documentary translation into English
Documentary by Hajo Seppelt, ARD

Broadcast date: December, 3rd 2014

Transcribed into English by Jörg Probst for Athletics Illustrated

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Narrator: Here are Yuliya Stepanova and Vitalyi Stepanov and their little son Robert.
They don’t feel safe any longer in their home country Russia for they gave away a secret.
But their story begins much sooner – at the beginning of this year.

Narrator: The Winter Olympics in Sochi in February: Russia presents herself as a proud
sporting nation. The world’s largest country wins the most medals, just like at the athletics
world championships the year before, and just like at so many other major sporting
events. Russia – a sport superpower.

Narrator: Shortly after the Games, I receive several emails in my office. I first reported
about doping in Russia from Sochi. Openly and anonymously I’m told about more strange
things in Russian sport. I don’t have an inkling yet that this is the starting point of an
unbelievable story. One email in particular catches my eye – from Moscow – from Vitalyi
Stepanov and his wife Yuliya.

Narrator: In April I go to Russia for the first time. They want to meet me in Moscow.
My cameraman accompanies me, but I don’t know yet whether he will be allowed to film
at the meeting. They are scared – everything is secret. Am I dealing with nutters here, or is
this really serious? We talk on the phone for the first time. I find out about the meeting
point – a restaurant on the fringes of Moscow. A separate room where we will be
undisturbed. But only Vitalyi has come. After hours we are allowed to film.

Narrator: This here is Vitalyi Stepanov, 32 years old. I’m starting to understand why he
only offered hints in his email. After his studies in the US he wanted a job in anti-doping
in sport – that was his dream job.

2:37 V
italyi Stepanov: I wanted to fight doping and make sport cleaner, more honest, better. I
really believed I would go to work at the anti-doping agency of Russia which combats
doping in sports. I wasn’t married back then. I was prepared to work 24 hours a day for

Narrator: Vitalyi Stepanov loves his job at the Russian anti-doping agency, RUSADA,
he leads the education program, works as a control officer, is adviser to the director
general. Even the sports minister seeks out his advice. He says he experiences from close
proximity what happens within RUSADA. The year 2009 will change him forever.

[Yuliya Rusanova is shown on the track preparing for a race.]

Narrator: He meets Yuliya (then Rosanova) at an anti-doping education session for

Narrator: She belongs to the best in the world, runs the 800 metres in under 1 minute 57

Narrator: Today she is Vitalyi’s wife. It didn’t take long for her to tell him why she is so

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