From Inside the Games

International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) President Sebastian Coe is expected to propose a move away from formal bidding procedures for major events during a Council meeting here tomorrow.

Under possible plans, the IAAF could abolish any sort of bidding system for major events, including their flagship World Championships, and instead prioritise informal consultations with cities before announcing a chosen host.

The Briton first raised these plans to insidethegames at November’s Association of National Olympic Committees General Asembly in Doha before vowing to raise them at the next Council meeting.

“The current process [for selecting host cities] is sub-optimal,” Coe said.

“We have five major opportunities in a decade to showcase athletics.

“We therefore need to be in places that can help us grow our sport.

“We need to create the right partnerships from the outset.

“Ones where you are working together to ensure a Championships which is great for sport but is also great for the city.

“I want to talk with Council at our next meeting about the best process by which to deliver this.”

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