Photo credit: Christopher Kelsall – from 2015 GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon

*Editor’s note: Below it is indicated that the record surpasses Lori Bowden’s national record for 50K. Bowden’s is a trail 50K best, the road best before Jones’s 2015 Doha race appears to be a 2004 performance by Elizabeth Ruel who ran 3:29:46 at Niagara on the Lake. Yet to be confirmed.

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The inaugural International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) 50km World Championships took place Friday, December 5th in Doha, Qatar.

Two Canadian women placed in the top-10 to help Team Canada win a silver medal in the team category. Victoria’s Catrin Jones, a veteran of the distance, placed third in the Canadian record time of 3:28:19, while Vancouver-based runner Kimberley Doerksen, in her debut at the distance, finished 7th overall in the time of 3:36:26.

“It was a whole different kind of beast,” said Doerksen. “That being said, it was an incredible experience, getting to be a part of the Canadian team and seeing Catrin crush the 50k record and look so strong during the race was awesome. It was all in all a really good day.”

Asked about going for the national record, Jones told Athletics Illustrated, “I had the Canadian record in mind, but knowing the course and possible harsh conditions with high temperatures and humidity, I didn’t want to force my body past its limit. This year’s race was loaded with both strong 50K and marathon runners, and although I have had a fairly good season, I wasn’t expecting a top-three finish, to be honest.”

The record was previously held by Victoria’s two-time ironman world champion Lori Bowden, who ran the distance in the Prairie Inn Harriers Elk-Beaver Lake Ultras. Her time was 3:34:18.

Jones raced the distance in Doha last year, which was the inaugural 50K race in the country. She was reluctant to return as the heat got to her during the 2014 event, “I was hesitant to come back and race in Doha again this year after having experienced heat stroke at the tail end of the race in 2014, and the course, although flat is not exactly easy or fast with its hairpin turns and various hard surfaces, however, I can now say that I am more than pleased to have made the decision to run at the inaugural World 50km Champs!”

Photo credit: Christopher Kelsall File photo

Competitors are expected to run 10 laps of the specially-designed 5K track at the Aspire Zone in less than six hours.

I ran with a good pack for the first seven laps, at which time, after assessing my body, decided I could push the pace. I finished stronger than expected, pushed hard through some very tough headwinds and found myself in third, so no complaints here!,” shared Jones. “And I am so pleased for our women’s team who placed 2nd overall. Our third team member was Alissa St Laurent.”

Jones finished third in 2014 in the event that was called the World 50K Trophy, with the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) recognising the event, it is now referred to as the world championships.

Top-10 results:


  1. 43           Tony Migliozzi    USA                                       02:52:08
  2. 20           Arnold Kibet Kiptaoi        KEN                       02:55:34
  3. 21           Samuel Birongo Ongeki KEN                      02:56:15
  4. 19           Charles Wachira Maina  KEN                      02:57:17
  5. 46           Jesse Davis         USA                                    02:59:04
  6. 28           Harm Sengers    NLD                                    03:00:00
  7. 48           Mike Fokorani   ZIM                                         03:01:58
  8. 9              Michael Kallenberg         GBR                       03:02:00
  9. 11           Niels Bubel         GER                                      03:05:13
  10. 44           Geoff Burns       USA                                        03:06:37


  1. 329         Camille Herron  USA                                       03:20:58
  2. 307         Marija Vrajic       CRO                                       03:28:15
  3. 305         Catrin Jones       CAN                                       03:28:19
  4. 312         Catriona Jennings                                            03:31:49
  5. 319         Khishigsaikhan Galbadrakh                          03:32:02
  6. 330         Caitlin Smith       USA                                       03:32:25
  7. 304         Kim Doerksen    CAN                                       03:36:26
  8. 311         Nele Alder-Baerens        GER                         03:38:20
  9. 308         Nikolina Sustic   CRO                                      03:39:34
  10. 314         Mai Fujisawa      JPN                                        03:41:26