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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is not doing itself any favours as it continues to support the war in Ukraine. President Thomas Bach has publicaly slammed Ukraine for their announcement to boycott Olympic qualification events that includes Russians and Belarusians.

Additionally, the Association of Olympic Committees (ANOC) has also warned Ukraine to not boycott events as it will only hurt their own athletes.

“If implemented, such a decision would only hurt the Ukrainian athlete community, and in no way impact the war that the world wants to stop, and that the IOC has so vehemently condemned,” a statement from the IOC read.

“If implemented, such a decision would also go against the position of a number of Ukrainian athletes and other members of the Ukrainian Olympic community.”

Incorrect. Ukrainian athletes can compete and qualify for the Olympic Games in events that do not include Russians. Additionally, the IOC and Bach have said that they do not support the war, however, while Ukrainians are being killed, the IOC, tells the Ukrainians that they must compete in events — theoretically not political, as the Olympics are meant not to be — against Russians.

The IOC and ANOC should be wary about their cash cow: The Olympic Games, as many countries including many national sporting organizations have stated their concern over Russia’s inclusion in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

A mass boycott here is warranted. The IOC stands to profit generously from a full Olympic Games roster. They do not care about the victims in Ukraine or in other countries where war has been waged recently including Ethiopia where so many of the top middle and long-distance runners come from.

Various NSOs protest

All Ukrainian Olympic sports federations signed a document Thursday, March 9 addressing the IOC. The request is for the IOC to uphold its ban of Russia and Belarus from the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

In February 2022, European Athletics President, Dobromir Karamarinov, sent a letter of support (see here) to Ukrainian Athletic Federation Acting President, Yevhen Pronin, in support.

Poland, Sweden, and the Czech Republic refused to play World Cup qualifiers in Russia. The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) said national teams competing in UEFA competitions would be played at neutral venues.

Denouncing the incursion

President Sebastian Coe and World Athletics released a statement in February 2022 denouncing the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

“World Athletics is appalled by developments in Ukraine and condemns the Russian military invasion,” World Athletics wrote in a statement.

Coe offered World Athletics senior vice-president Sergey Bubka, who is Ukrainian, and the Ukrainian Athletics Federation “whatever practical support we can give.”

The Russian Athletics Federation has been suspended since 2015 for systematic doping, corruption, data manipulation, and various other charges.

According to the publication, Inside the Games, the President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine and Minister of Youth and Sports in Ukraine Vadym Guttsait wrote, “I call on you once again to support Ukraine’s position on the non-participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes in international competitions, including the Olympic Games Paris 2024, in any status, as soon as this military aggression continues.”

Russian athletes competed during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021. There was a delegation of nearly 350 who attended the event. However, the Russian flag and national anthem were never seen or heard. Russian athletes won dozens of medals.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo

It was reported here earlier this week that the Paris mayor is against having a Russian delegation in her city during the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, while Russia wages its illegal war in Ukraine.

Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, France said that she does not want a Russian delegation at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games while the country wages war in Ukraine.

“As long as Russia continues to wage war on Ukraine, I don’t want there to be a Russian delegation at the Paris 2024 Games.

“I would find that indecent.

“It is not possible to parade as if nothing had happened, to have a delegation come to Paris, while the bombs continue to rain down on Ukraine,” she said.

German Canoeing Association

As reported by the publication, Inside the Games, the German Canoe Association (DKV) has called upon the International Olympic Committee (IOC) “to clarify fundamental questions in sport” as it vowed to continue its exclusion of Russian and Belarusian canoeists from international events in Germany.

“We are aware that a reintegration of Russian and Belarusian athletes into the world of sports, as suggested by the IOC, would be extremely difficult,” DKV President Jens Perlwitz said.

“In our opinion, the current trend emanating from the IOC is not in line with the Olympic movement.

“You have to think hard about whether a state that is waging aggressive war is allowed to be part of the Olympic family, whether that state is allowed to host the Olympic Games and whether athletes from that state are allowed to participate in the Games.”

There are many more.