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American Jordan Hasay ran the 2017 B.A.A. Boston Marathon on Monday in the time of 2:23:00 to finish in third place. It is the fastest American women’s marathon debut of all-time*.

In 2008, Kara Goucher ran 2:25:53, which is the American debut record on an official course (see below). Goucher ran her debut during in the New York City Marathon.

Hasay performance is impressive as she ran the first half in the time of 1:12:33, which put her on pace for a 2:25:06 finish time, which means she ran a 1:11:27 second half, a strong negative split. The race is net downhill; however, the infamous Heartbreak Hill that comes after the magical 32K mark (20miles) can end the race for many athletes. This negative split performance suggests that Hasay is capable of much more than 2:23:00.

The high temperature at finish time was 22 Celsius (72F), which is not ideal for the distance; however, runners were buffeted with up to 35/kmh (21/mph) tailwinds throughout.

Hasay displayed a foreshadowing of this performance when she ran the Prague Half Marathon on April 1 in the time of 1:07:55.

Athletics Illustrated predicted a 2:24:00 finish time for Hasay.

min/mile              05:28     min/km                03:23


Split       time of day         time       diff         min/mile              miles/h

5K           09:49:46AM        00:17:45               17:45     05:43     10.51

10K         10:06:59AM        00:34:58               17:13     05:33     10.83

15K         10:23:55AM        00:51:55               16:57     05:28     11.00

20K         10:40:51AM        01:08:50               16:56     05:27     11.01

HALF      10:44:34AM        01:12:33               03:43     05:27     11.02

25K         10:57:51AM        01:25:51               13:18     05:29     10.95

30K         11:14:41AM        01:42:41               16:50     05:25     11.08

35K         11:31:27AM        01:59:26               16:46     05:24     11.12

40K         11:47:54AM        02:15:54               16:28     05:18     11.33

Finish Net            11:55:01AM        02:23:00               07:07     05:13     11.51

*The International Association of Athletics Federations – the worldwide governing body of the sport of athletics does not recognize Boston Marathon results for two reasons: the downhill nature of the course. The downhill breaches the 1m/per km elevation drop and the route is point-to-point, which means that in a tail wind, runners will benefit from a tail wind throughout the entire race.