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The silver-haired fox, two-time suspended 100 metre and 200 metre sprinter Justin Gatlin vows to race on. If his race times don’t begin to wane soon, his career will end up being viewed as an absurd mockery. Well, it already is.

The Brooklyn, New York native was first busted for testing positive for amphetamines while still competing in the NCAA for the University of Tennessee. The NCAA strictly forbids athletes from earning money while representing schools, but apparently competing on performance-enhancing drugs is okay. Gatlin claimed the amphetamines were for his attention deficit disorder. Sure. He went on to win four more NCAA national titles.

Gatlin’s second doping ban in 2006 was more difficult to defend, but he tried to refute it anyway – why not. He allegedly had no idea he had taken testosterone.

“I cannot account for these results, because I have never knowingly used any banned substance or authorized anyone to administer such a substance to me.”

Gatlin served a two-year doping ban. At the time, his coach Trevor Graham had eight athletes test positive for performance-enhancing drugs. Nothing to see here.

He is now coached by Dennis Mitchell. Mitchell was caught testing positive for Human Growth Hormone.

It’s a small circle for those that run track. Mitchell claimed that he drank beer and had a lot of sex. Somehow that produces Human Growth Hormone in doping tests. If that is the case, then why are there millions of men walking around with beer bellies (and not having prolific sex with their wives?). “…five bottles of beer and sex with his wife at least four times… it was her birthday, the lady deserved a treat…”

The small circle comment relates to Mitchell testifying in court that Graham had injected him with HGH.

So, perhaps Mitchell didn’t have five bottles of beer and sex with his wife four times. You can’t trust a thing these guys say.

Gatlin claims that his lowest moment was finishing in second place during the 2015 World Championships in the 100m and 200m events. Not the positive doping tests and reams of press that talked about it or being booed in stadiums.

On Feb. 10, 2022, the silver fox turns 40. He plans to run in the 2022 Eugene World Athletics Championships. After that meet, he will decide what to do in retirement.

Perhaps to atone for his cheating, which of course resulted in him making money at his competitor’s expense (theft), he will take up charity work. He apparently will come up with a broad program to help athletes around the world. Hopefully, that program isn’t related to performance-enhancing drugs.

Amazingly, at age 37, he clocked a 100m time of 9.87. In April 2021, at age 39, he clocked a 9.98 and 20.49 for the 200m. Not quite the 9.74 and 19.57 that he ran in 2015.

No, nothing to see here.