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Kenya, one of seven nations currently rated as Category-A on the doping watch list, as being a high risk of doping, According to the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU). Friday, they may find themselves only the second nation banned from international competition. The other is Russia, serving a ban since 2015.

Allegedly, the AIU and World Athletics representatives are meeting Friday, November 25 in Monaco to discuss the potential ban.

The seven nations on the watch list are Belarus, Bahrain, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, and Ukraine.

According to The Standard of Kenya, “On Monday, Barnaba Koirir, the AK youth development chairman, shared on social media: We might this Friday (tomorrow) say goodbye to athletics for a while. People think that this is a joke….We are doing everything possible to survive. A prayer can be done especially for the clean athletes. The rogue athletes have killed our dreams. The sad reality of the scam has finally emerged. It is not pleasant.”