Kenyan Alice Aprot tested positive for the illegal performance-enhancing drug Letrozole Metabolite Methanol.

The Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK) had provisionally suspended her in January 2023.

She will serve a four year ban for a doping the offence after the Sports Dispute Tribunal (SDT) upheld ADAK’s original sanction.

She is known for winning the 2015 African Games in the 10,000m event. Aprot also hit the podium during the 2017 World Cross Country Championships in Kampala with a silver-medal finish and finished fourth during the Rio Olympic Games in the 10,000m event clocking a 29:53.51 performance.

Kenya is going through a doping crises. Over the past two years, the country has received over 60 and perhaps over 70 doping-related suspensions. These include whereabouts failures, Athlete Biological Passport blood anomolies, positive tests for banned performance-enhancing drugs and doctoring of documents related to appeals or defences of charges. Kenya has the most suspended athletes in the world.