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Kenyan athlete Agnes Tirop who was allegedly killed last week by her husband, was eulogized on Tuesday.

Family, friends, athletes, and officials attended the ceremony.

The 25-year-old was a two-time world championships bronze medallist. She also owned the women’s-only-race 10K world record at 30:01. She set the record one month ago in Germany. Tirop finished in fourth place in the Tokyo Olympic Games 5000m clocking a 14:39.62 finish time.

Out of respect for Tirop, Athletics Kenya announced on Thursday that all athletics competitions in the country would be suspended for two weeks.

Julius Yego told the BBC, “We just lost a great talent. She was such a strong woman and committed to what she was doing.”

Apparently, she loved dairy farming.

Kenyan police chased and arrested Ibrahim Rotich in Mombasa. Police tracked Rotich using his mobile number after he apparently used an old SIM card in a new phone. He was offline prior to turning the phone on.

Apparently, the two had been arguing and had marital issues.

It was widely reported that she died from apparent stab wounds to her abdomen. Kenyan police indicated that she was found in her bed with wounds to her neck as well. Rotich called her parents to tell them that he had done something terrible and fled.