Ed Cheserek dominated clocking a fast fifty-nine minutes and 11 seconds. He was followed in by Bernard Koech two seconds behind for a Kenyan 1-2 finish. Ethiopian Gemechu Dida broke up a potential Kenyan sweep taking third in 59:31. Six of the top eight finishers were Kenyan. With Ethiopians finishing in third and seventh position. If it was a dual meet, like cross-country, it was over before it started.

Koech, who is preparing for the Amsterdam Marathon happening October 15. Perhaps he still has marathon training in his legs and wasn’t fresh for the race.

For the 29-year-old Cheserek it was a new personal best and first time under 60 minutes. His best going into the race was 60:13 from last October’s Valencia Half Marathon. For the 24-year-old Dida it was also a pb race. He previously has run as fast as 59:53 legally and 59:21 in Rome, on an ineligible course.

Emile Cairess was the top non East African, from Great Britain clocking in at 1:00:52 for 10th.

The world record is 57:31 by Ugandan Jacob Kiplimo.


Irine Cheptai took the win in the time of one hour, five minutes and 53 seconds. She was followed in by Winfridah Moseti who clocked a 1:06:40 finish. Forty-three seconds back was Jesca Chelangat for third, and to complete the podium sweep. Four of the top five and five of the top seven were Kenyan. Ethiopia’s Haw Feysa took fourth in 1:07:18, while Norway’s Karoline Njerkei Grøvdalwas sixth. Viola Cheptoo (1:07:24) and Gladys Chepkurui (1:07:52) finished fifth and seventh, respectively.

The women’s race was a close battle between the Kenyans and Ethiopians.

Feysa, was running well for most of the race, but faded late to miss out on the podium. She led from the gun.

The world record is held by Ethiopian at 1:02:52 by Letesenbet Gidey in a mixed race, while the women’s only world record is 1:05:16 by Kenyan Peres Jepchirchir.



1Irine CheptaiKEN1:05:533:08 min/km
2Winfridah MosetiKEN1:06:403:10 min/km
3Jesca ChelangatKEN1:07:033:11 min/km
4Hawi FeysaETH1:07:183:12 min/km
5Viola CheptooKEN1:07:243:12 min/km
6Karoline Bjerkeli GrøvdalNOR1:07:343:13 min/km
7Gladys ChepkuruiKEN1:07:523:13 min/km
8Sarah ChelangatUGA1:07:593:14 min/km
9Aminet AhmedETH1:08:013:14 min/km
10Susan ChembaiKEN1:09:163:17 min/km
11Alem NigussieETH1:09:193:18 min/km
12Cynthia KosgeiKEN1:09:323:18 min/km
13Emily ChebetKEN1:09:333:18 min/km
14Zewditu AderawETH1:09:413:19 min/km
15Tsige HaileslaseETH1:09:573:19 min/km
16Paskalia JepkogeiKEN1:10:073:20 min/km
17Lily PartridgeGBR1:10:363:21 min/km
18Selam FenteETH1:10:423:22 min/km
19Rebecca LonedoITA1:10:573:22 min/km
20Mhairi MaclennanGBR1:11:183:23 min/km
21Chloé HerbietBEL1:11:203:23 min/km
22Matea Parlov KostroCRO1:11:533:25 min/km
23Beatric MutaiKEN1:12:383:27 min/km
24Philippa BowdenGBR1:12:393:27 min/km
25Sara NestolaITA1:12:483:28 min/km


1Ed CheserekKEN0:59:112:49 min/km
2Bernard KoechKEN0:59:132:49 min/km
3Gemechu DidaETH0:59:312:50 min/km
4Patrick MosinKEN0:59:352:50 min/km
5Bravin KipropKEN0:59:402:50 min/km
6Isaac KipkemboiKEN0:59:542:51 min/km
7Gerba DibabaETH1:00:102:52 min/km
8Solomon KirwaKEN1:00:252:52 min/km
9Haftamu GebresalaseETH1:00:342:53 min/km
10Emile CairessGBR1:00:522:54 min/km
11Senay FissehatsionERI1:00:552:54 min/km
12Hillary KipcoechKEN1:00:572:54 min/km
13Zerei KbromNOR1:00:592:54 min/km
14Abebaw MuniyeETH1:01:062:54 min/km
15Richard KimunyanKEN1:01:352:56 min/km
16Emmanuel BorKEN1:01:462:56 min/km
17Kiros AshenafiETH1:01:512:56 min/km
18Athanas KiokoKEN1:02:002:57 min/km
19Brian KiptooKEN1:02:102:57 min/km
20Diego EstradaUSA1:02:112:57 min/km
21Mogos TuemauETH1:02:502:59 min/km
22Victor Kipruto TogomKEN1:03:193:01 min/km
23Michael GrasFRA1:03:203:01 min/km
24Andreas VojtaAUT1:03:313:01 min/km
25Jacob Sommer SimonsenDEN1:03:403:02 min/km