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Kenyan journalist and athlete, Justin Lagat, is looking for a personal best-breaking road trip that he is training very hard for, Kenyan style, to help him educate his daughter.

“The little money I win will go towards educating my siblings and my daughter and hopefully enable me to enroll in a journalism college if I win some extra money as well,” shared Lagat.

His current training schedule should allow him to greatly improve his best performances of 29:48 in the 10K distance, as well as 66:25 over the half-marathon, both at elevation in Kenya and 2:26:48 in the marathon, achieved last year in Ottawa with poor weather conditions.

He expects to win the Vancouver Sun Run, Victoria’s TC10K and then the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon; three races in three weeks happening this spring.

Lagat training at home in Kenya.

To date, he has been able to set up homestays in both cities as well as local transportation, but he still needs nearly $1000 for air travel. His invitation to the Vancouver Sun Run is pending a confirmation on a flight. He is just days away from being able to make the career-changing trip.

Lagat has written for several popular publications including African Sports Monthly, RunBlogRun, and Competitor.com as well as Athletics Illustrated, among others.

See his GoFundMe page, here: