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Thirty-eight Russian enthusiasts ran the Cold Pole – Oymyakon (marathon) in the coldest place on earth in Yakutsk, a frozen city of 300,000.

The temperature was a cool -55°C (-67°F). From Moscow to Oymyakon it is 5298.2 kilometres (3292 miles) northwest.

Twelve men and two women finished the marathon. The winners received 100,000 rubles (1,038 euros). Konstantin Dragunov won in three hours and seven minutes, followed by Mikhail Aprosimov in the time of 3:36 followed by Albert Sivtsev 3:57.

“I almost lost myself on the course,” said Dragunov.

“The marathon is unpredictable, they told me.” Worse followed, he said. “After 33 kilometres (21 miles) I almost passed out…” He recovered to win.

Student Konstantin Dragunov, 24, won the race ( Image: East2West News)

The lowest officially recorded temperature in the region was minus -67.7°C (89.9°F) in 1933, but locals insist an earlier reading was minus -72°C (-96.2°F) in January 1924.

Cows in Oymyakon wear fur or wool-lined bras when thermometers plunge in the Siberian winter.