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Riding high on cloud nine after taking down the 28-year-old Canadian marathon record Sunday, October 20th at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Lanni Marchant indicated that her season is not over just yet. She has one more race to do, the November 23rd Chiba Ekiden in Chiba, Japan, as a member of Team Canada. She also has shorter-distance track goals on the horizon.

Marchant finished the marathon in 3rd place in 2:28:00, a personal best by more than three minutes. Marchant’s training partner Krista DuChene finished next behind her; also bettering the time Sunday, by finishing in 2:28:33. Sylvia Ruegger set the record at the 1985 Houston Marathon in 2:28:36. “Oh I’m going to be up on cloud nine for a while,” said the 28-year-old. “The main plan is to get on the track and do some shorter stuff,” said Marchant. And after she legs-ups for Canada at the ekiden, she will transition to winter training in preparation for spring track, with a stint in Kenya.

Even though Marchant qualified for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games with her marathon, she will also seek the 10,000-metre qualification standard. Shortly before the Toronto marathon, Athletics Canada released the qualification time for the marathon only and set it at 2:35. The remainder of the distance standards have not been released yet, so the assumption is that Marchant will need to run a potential B-standard of 32:05 or the A in 31:45, which reflects the 2013 Athletics Canada requirements for the 2013 world championships. “My goal would be 32-low or better,” she said.

Asked if she will race the 5000 and 10,000-metre distances next spring, Marchant said, “Yes, mostly 10k stuff, but of course the 5k distance as well, to really put some hurt in the legs and hopefully develop some speed. I will likely go to Kenya again this Winter, so I’ll get in some fairly high mileage, after some much needed easy and low mileage through December,” offered Marchant and when asked about her weekly volume, she added, “I hit 90-110 miles (145 to 178km) a week this summer and next summer should be similar. I am learning that I really like high mileage.”

Marchant’s plan all along was to qualify for the Glasgow Games this weekend, then once the marathon is taken care of, attempt the 10,000-metre standard. Asked if she prefers to run the 10000 metre over the marathon at Commonwealths, she said, “I favour doing any event at CW! Haha. but yes, I would like to go in the 10000. My mind may change after another stint in Kenya. But for the long-term goal of Rio (2016 Olympics), I think it makes more sense to go in the 10,000m, if I get the standard that is!”

Marchant earned a $36,000 payday, Sunday – from a combination of being first Canadian as well as breaking the old record. With the high-level of attention that the record-breaking performance has been directed her way and with an eye on attempting some semblance of life balance, she will continue to work. Marchant also happens to be a practicing criminal lawyer in Chattanooga, TN. “I’m going to keep working and I love it. It gives me something that I do that isn’t all about me. Running can be a very selfish sport. It’s nice to get up, go to work and have the focus be on someone else.”


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