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There is new damning evidence suggesting that the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), the world governing body of the sport of athletics is as guilty as the All-Russian Athletics Federation in hiding widespread or systematic Russian doping in a leaked, IAAF letter from 2009.

Therefore, unlike what the IAAF are currently claiming, there does appear to be evidence of long-standing and or widespread corruption in the head office.

The IAAF has some work to do to rectify the order of medals from past IAAF World Track and Field Championships and Olympic Games. For starters, the IAAF needs to re-order all medals from the 2009 Berlin world championships, in events where the Russians achieved medals.

The Associated Press have a copy of a letter written to permanently banned Valentin Balaknichev, former president of the ARAF, dated October 14, 2009. The image of the letter is damning evidence. It was signed by IAAF General Secretary Pierre Wiess.

As some medals have been re-awarded ad-hoc from various games already and bans have been put into place, which include the removal to certain points in history of performances, re-writing the Berlin championships is doing the right thing.

In the letter, Wiess wrote:

“Unfortunately, I do not have good news regarding the blood parameter levels of the Russian athletes in Berlin. Again they were extremely high, and again much more so than any other country competing. Again there were several of the usual suspects who produced these findings. Of the top ten highest blood values recorded in Berlin, 8 of them came from Russian athletes and many more than just these 8 were also very suspicious.”

Wiess went on to voice concern, not just for the cheating, but the health risks, as the blood values were so high.

“…These results are startling because not only are these athletes cheating their fellow competitors but at these levels are putting their health and even their own lives in very serious danger.”

The IAAF is complicit in hiding these results now up to six years , according to this letter and thus the responsibility rests with the worldwide governing body to undo past wrongs.

January 20, 2015 Valeriy Borchin who is a 20K Racewalker was disqualified for eight years starting from October 15, 2012 and all of his results between July 14, 2009 and September 15, 2009, between June 16, 2011 and September 27,  2011 as well as between April 11, 2012 and September 3, 2012 (which include two world championship golds) were annulled.

On March 25, 2015, the IAAF filed an appeal with the Court of Arbitration in Lausanne, Switzerland, questioning the selective disqualification of the suspension periods of six athletes involved including Borchin.

This is truly a WTF? moment, when the IAAF General Secretary writes to the ARAF President a long letter implicating Russian athletes, then the IAAF files an appeal upon a proven Russian drug cheat’s suspension.

The IAAF is as guilty as Russia.

For the athletes below that apparently have not tested positive, they still very likely did and the athletes were not suspended, in fact the high blood values were hidden by both Wiess and Balaknichev.

20K Racewalk – Men
Valeriy Borchin                 RUS – Tested positive – results annulled
Hao Wang                           CHN
Edgar Sanchez                   MEX
Giorgio Robino                  ITA

20K Racewalk – Women
Olga KANISKINA                RUS – Tested positive – suspended three years and two months
Olive LOUGHNANE          IRL
Hong LIU                               CHN
Anisya KIRDYAPKINA     RUS – Husband Sergey tested positive – suspended three years and two months
Vera SANTOS                     POR

Hammer Throw – Men
Primož KOZMUS               SLO
Aleksey ZAGORNYI         RUS
Krisztián PARS                   HUN

Triple Jump – Women
Yargeris SAVIGNE            CUB
Mabel GAY                         CUB
Anna PYATYKH                 RUS
Biljana TOPIC                     SRB

3000msc Men
Yuliya ZARIPOVA             RUS – Tested positive – suspended two years and six months
Milcah Chemos CHE        KEN
Gulnara GALKINA            RUS
Jennifer SIMPSON           USA
Habiba GHRIBI                   TUN

Javelin Throw – Women
Steffi NERIUS                     GER
Monica STOIAN                                ROU

400m –Women
Shericka WILLIAMS         JAM

High Jump – Women
Blanka VLAŠIC                      CRO
Anna CHICHEROVA            RUS
Ariane FRIEDRICH               GER
Antonietta DI MARTINO                  ITA

50K Racewalk – Men
Sergey KIRDYAPKIN          RUS – Tested positive – suspended three years and two months
Trond NYMARK                   NOR
Jesús Ángel GARCÍA         ESP
Grzegorz SUDOL                 POL

High Jump – Men
Yaroslav RYBAKOV           RUS
Kyriakos IOANNOU          CYP
Sylwester BEDNAREK      POL
Raul SPANK                         GER

Long Jump – women
Brittney REESE                   USA
Tatyana LEBEDEVA          RUS
Karin MEY MELIS              TUR
Naide GOMES                   POR

4 x 400m – Men
UNITED STATES                 USA
JAMAICA                             JAM
RUSSIA                                 RUS

POS        COUNTRY                                            TOTAL

1              USA USA              10           6              6              22

2              JAM JAM             7              4              2              13

3              KEN KEN              4              5              2              11

4              RUS RUS              4              3              6              13

5              POL POL               2              4              2              8

6              GER GER              2              3              4              9

7              ETH ETH                2              2              4              8

8              GBR GBR              2              2              2              6

9              RSA RSA               2              1              0              3

10           AUS AUS              2              0              2              4

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