The Johnson brothers, Robert and Weldon, owners of Let’, the world’s most popular running website have started an online petition to have Sir Craig Reedie hand in his resignation.

Reedie is the President of the World Anti-Doping Agency and according to the Johnsons is corrupt.

From their petition:

Dear WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency),

As sports fans united against doping, we are calling for the immediate resignation of the head of your organization, Sir Craig Reedie. Mr. Reedie has repeatedly shown that he has zero real interest in making sure that the world enjoys a “doping-free sporting environment” which is the whole point of your organization.

On August 4th, it was revealed that the lead investigator of your look into the state-sponsored Russian doping regime has said that never once did Mr. Reedie even ask him about the biggest doping investigation in the history of sport. And we already knew that rather than do whatever it took to expose doping, which is what one would think the head of the World Anti-Doping Agency would be doing, that Reedie was actually taking the time to hand write a note stating that he hoped “no more damage will be done” and to send an email to Russia’s Sports Minister to assure him that Reedie had “no intention” of doing anything that would jeopardize the personal relationship the two enjoyed with each other.

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