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The Virgin London Marathon is looking forward to hosting 100,000 participants in October, according to race director Hugh Brasher.

The UK currently has a national coronavirus immunization program underway and expect to see some form of herd immunity before race day.

The 100,000 participant goal will make it the largest marathon in the world. Fifty-thousand will physically take part on race day on the traditional course. The other fifty thousand will be virtual.

Brasher told the London Evening Standard (Matthew Majendie in an article title London to host biggest marathon in history with 100,000 runners in record-breaking October event, January 21).

“We talked last year about the London Marathon being a beacon of light in a really dark tunnel. It’s been a horrible 10 months and we’re still in a horrible period but, in a world where the whole population will potentially be vaccinated by September, it does give people hope.”