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Hugh Brasher, event manager of the London Marathon, has spoken with the protest group, Extinction Rebellion (ER), about protecting Sunday’s marathon as opposed to disrupting it. The approach is proactive and unique. Perhaps smartly tactical, however, will the ER clash with other protestors with similar environmental goals?

For example, Stop Oil, the group that recently disrupted a snooker tournament in London, may want to disrupt the London Marathon — the biggest marathon in the world and the largest charity fundraiser. As the two groups are working toward similar goals — to “save” the planet from environmental disaster and avoid tipping points in the climate system, will there be conflict? ER demonstrated with non-violent disruption, however, Stop Oil used orange powder to make their point during a snooker tournament. Perhaps non-violent, but, certainly not passive.

The website explains: “Just Stop Oil is a nonviolent civil resistance group demanding the UK Government stop licensing all new oil, gas and coal projects.”

Will Extinction Rebellion be able to hold off protestors like the table on the right, or be too late to respond with their non-violent approach?

“The London Marathon is unique,” said Brasher. “We run for clean air. That is so important in what we do. The environment is part of our DNA. And Extinction Rebellion has been very, very clear that they are in a new phase of wanting to engage the general public in a different way.”

“I have just come from a meeting with Extinction Rebellion,” Brasher said. “They will be uniquely asking all their participants to help guard the London Marathon. To do something that is quite unique in their history – to protect what is one of the crown jewels of British sport.”

There are many protest groups and anti-war protests, the latest being various anti-Russia protests to do with the illegal war in Ukraine. While Vladimir Putin has made peaceful protests illegal in Russia, people are free to do so in most of the rest of the world including London, UK.

The London Marathon will see up to one million people on the streets during the day, including 50,000 participating in the race. There will be approximately 40,000 who will run virtually. Big city marathons are ripe for the picking of protestors. While the ER may assist the London Marathon from disruption, the event will have its usual tight security in place.

As the Boston Marathon peacefully operated on Monday, the organizers were quietly acknowledging the 10-year anniversary of the bombing at their event. Security was tight. It must be even tighter for London.