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Maella Hodgson did to the junior girl’s field what Broadbent did to the senior girl’s field. She also attends Elgin Park Secondary and dominated BC Clubs as well. Sounds familiar.

Hodgson clocked a 17:06 finish time over the two-lap 4K course. The junior boys and girls run 4K, while both seniors raced 5K.

Alex Dow from Frances Kelsey Secondary took second in the time of 17:53, while Addy Benefield of Killarney took third in the time of 17:58.

Hodgson said, “my tactic going in was to start really fast and just try to keep the same pace throughout the race.”

Asked if she could have gone faster if someone was there pushing her she said, “I don’t think I had any more energy. I don’t think I could have gone any faster.”

“It was really muddy everywhere. There was one part where there was this big pond that you had to run through and that was definitely difficult.”