The tracking app…

The London Marathon organizers are offering an athlete track app for the 2022 running which happens Sunday, October. 2 this year.

When you download the app you will be given all the options and features available including and most importantly how to track an athlete.

Track and search for the runner by their name or bib number.

The TCS app — the London (and Toronto Marathon among others) sponsor — will then show the progress made along the route and if you enable your GPS, the position of the runner will be more accurate.

The app is available to download for both iPhone and Android users and you can download it for either device via the site here.

Non-binary category

The London and Boston marathons are also including categories for non-binary athletes. No longer categorized as male or female, the marathons are getting with the times. The addition of the non-binary athlete category does not apply to the elite athlete section of the race.

Additionally, Boston announced earlier this week that all qualified athletes who submitted applications during the 2023 Boston Marathon registration window (September 12-16) will be accepted into the April 17th race, provided their qualifying time is verified.

“With registration serving as our Opening Day, we are eager to kick off the road to Boston for qualified participants from around the world,” said Jack Fleming, acting Chief Executive Officer of the B.A.A. “On Patriots’ Day, the determination, passion, and unity of marathoners will be on display, bringing our community together in the spirit of athletics and our heritage. We are very much looking forward to the 127th running of the Boston Marathon in just seven months.”

A total of 23,267 applications were submitted over the five-day registration window, an increase from the 22,936 qualified applications received last year. The field of 2023 qualifiers is made up of 13,315 men, 9,930 women, and 22 non-binary athletes. 624 athletes who have finished at least 10 consecutive Boston Marathons had already been accepted into the field.

Kaka to compete in Berlin Marathon

World Cup-winning football player Kaka will make his debut at the Berlin Marathon on Sunday, saying he was “just as excited as I used to be before football matches.”

He says that now.

There is no 32-kilometre wall in football, just a poorly executed slide tackle perhaps or bad header against an opposing player.

The Real Madrid player said,

“I’m very excited… Of course, it’s completely different than those guys (pointing to the professionals), this is something that is really good in marathons.

“As an amateur athlete, I can run and be in the same field as the professionals.

“This is something really special in marathons – afterward I can say that the best one in the marathon ran this time, and at the same time I was running with him.”