Mo Farah and Eilish McColgan won the men’s Big Half in London on Sunday. Eilish set a course record.

Farah took his third win in the event. He finished in the time of one hour, one minute 49 seconds (1:01:49). McColgan clocked a 1:07:35 to break the previous course record of 1:09:51.

McColgan was planning to debut in the marathon next month in London. She will now wait until April 2023 to run the London event during its traditional course and time of year (it was rescheduled because of the pandemic).

Farah is going to take another run at the marathon event after trying to in 2018, then going back to the track after winning four Olympic gold medals in the 5000m and 10,000m events, respectively. His best is 2:05:11 from Chicago in 2018.

McColgan ran alone for much of the race, but pulled off an excellent time regardless, after a very busy summer season that included the Eugene World Athletics Championships, Commonwealth Games, and European Athletics Championships. THe 31-year-old won four medals during the latter events in the 5000m and 10,000m distance races.

In the men’s field Jack Rowe finished second in 1:02:04, followed by Jake Smith in 1:02:10.

Charlotte Purdue took second in the women’s race with a 1:10:15 finish time. Samantha Harrison finished in third place with her 1:10:22 performance.

Top-10 results

Top Results Men

1. FARAH, Mo (GBR) – 1:01:49
2. ROWE, Jack (GBR) – 1:02:04
3. SMITH, Jake (GBR) – 1:02:10
4. BUTCHART, Andrew (GBR) – 1:02:59
5. AHMED, Omar (GBR) – 1:03:20
6. GHEBRESILASIE, Weynay (GBR) – 1:03:39
7. LEACH, Matt (GBR) – 1:04:06
8. CROSS, Ellis (GBR) – 1:04:20
9. CRAIG, Adam (GBR) – 1:05:27
10. SESEMANN, Philip (GBR) – 1:05:40

Top Results Women

1. MCCOLGAN, Eilish (GBR) – 1:07:35
2. PURDUE, Charlotte (GBR) – 1:10:15
3. HARRISON, Samanatha (GBR) – 1:10:22
4. THACKERY, Calli (GBR) – 1:12:01
5. TWELL, Stephaine (GBR) – 1:13:55
6. STYLES, Emma (GBR) – 1:14:19
7. NIMMOCK, Dani (GBR) – 1:15:22
8. GAUNT, Helen (GBR) – 1:18:16