September 29th, 2014 –  International Athletics Consultancy (IAC) has decided to cease being the sports management service provider for Mr. Moses Mosop of Kenya as a result of a set of untenable circumstances and unprofessional conduct by Mr. Moses Mosop.

Mr. Mosop entered into 2014 after somewhat difficult 2013 and after extensive consultation with Mr. Mosop and his coach Mr. Renato Canova at the beginning of the year, a plan was agreed upon that would have hopefully returned Moses to top level athletics performances.

IAC Director, Mr. Zane Branson says:

“I have no doubt that Moses can still compete with the best our sport has to offer, only if this was his priority. With the privilege of having Renato as his long-time coach it is very unfortunate that Moses has shown disappointing lack of commitment to his training and professional conduct.

IAC wishes Moses only the best and we will continue to hope that Moses can make his comeback, though this will now be under new management. After months of failing to convenience Moses to be committed to our agreed plans we have made the regretful decision to that our business is not willing to work for him further.

With regret and based on information available to us, Moses is not competition-ready yet, hence IAC was not willing to propose him to any athletics events since 2014 Volkswagen Prague Marathon, without Moses demonstrating once again commitment to training process and communication and without Moses following on process that was agreed on during trilateral meeting between Moses, coach Canova and IAC representatives, held right after Volkswagen Prague Marathon.

Using this situation and per information confirmed by Moses, Italy-based IAAF licensed Athletes’ Representative has decided to enter Mr. Moses Mosop into Il Giro Internazionale Città di Trento event several days ago, clearly violating IAAF rules, as contract between Moses and me was still in force as of today, Monday, September 29th, 8:00am EAT.”