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The new U.S. based Pro Track Series is set to run from May to August 2021. The series was created so that American athletes will have the opportunity to race without international travel. There will be a short break for the USATF Olympic Trials which will take place June 18 to the 27th in Eugene, OR.

Off the gun, Los Angeles will host the May 14th date. LA will be followed by the Portland Track Festival happening on May 29. The Iowa High Performance meet in Des Moines will go on May 31, with the Music Distance City Carnival meet taking place in Nashville on June 6.

Another series, the Under Armour Sunset Tour, will go before a pair of Pro Track Series Los Angeles meets that will happen on July 10 and 17, respectively. The Ed Murphey Classic in Memphis runs on Aug. 14 to cap the tour.

The series will take another break for the Tokyo Olympics, currently scheduled from July 23 to August 8, 2021.

A quote on the series’ website from American athlete Emma Coburn says, “Creating more domestic opportunities for U.S. athletes has never been more important. With travel restrictions and various unknowns that athletes have face in the last year, domestic opportunities are often the only option for athletes. I’m excited for the series for U.S. athletes.”

To learn more about the series, visit the website: Pro Track Series