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“I hate losing, but it provides great motivation…”

It appears Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Nicole Sifuentes is driven to succeed off of her own previous record of performances. On Friday, May 17th the twenty-six-year-old Michigan resident qualified for the 2013 IAAF World Track and Field Championships that take place in Moscow, Russia in the 1500m distance.

While competing in the USATF High-Performance Meet at Occidental College (Oxy) in Los Angeles, CA, she ran faster than the required “A” standard as set by Athletics Canada of 4:05.50, (the “B” standard is 4:09.00). Sifuentes finished third overall in a new personal best and meet record time* of 4:04.65, eclipsing her own 4:04.74 from 2012 and former meet record holder Shannon Rowbury’s 4:05.92. She said, “I am really happy with the race last night. My training has been going well and definitely indicated that I was ready to run “A” standard, but that said, sometimes it takes a few tries. This was my first attempt at 1500m this season.”

*Would count as a meet record, however, Sifuentes finished third overall.

Although one could argue it is her second 1500m of the season, she pointed out that the 4:14 that she ran at the Kansas Relays, “was paced conservatively as a workout, with an 800m race done an hour later.”

The Oxy 1500m race featured at least three other Canadian’s including 2012 London Olympian Hilary Stellingwerff, who makes her home in Victoria, BC. Stellingwerff may have been suffering from allergies or asthma as she finished a modest 13th overall in 4:10.47. Just behind Stellingwerff was Kate Van Buskirk from Toronto in 4:11.14. Vancouver’s Rachel Cliff finished in 4:19.66. Cliff is coming off racing a 5000m event in Victoria from May 11th.

For the second consecutive year, Sifuentes is having a strong spring after having been sidelined due to repeated injuries. She worked out the kinks through diligent physio and core work.  In April Sifuentes told Athletics Illustrated, “By the start of 2012 I felt that everything was coming together. I had a solid year with new PBs in 800m, 1500m, and 3000m.”

Asked to describe how the Oxy race played out Sifuentes said, “The pacemaking was perfect and with 300m to go, I knew I just had to hold pace and keep my composure and I would have the “A” standard, so I didn’t go for the win until the homestretch. Unfortunately, I tied up a bit and ended up third in a blanket finish. I hate losing, but it is great motivation going forward, and I am so happy to be healthy with the whole season to look forward to.” Sifuentes had until July 29th to hit the required standard.

On April 28th Sifuentes raced the 5000m distance at the Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational finishing in 15:27.84. In April Sifuentes said, “I’m actually really looking forward to the 5000m this weekend and I feel prepared to run significantly faster than my PB of 15:27. But regardless of the result on Sunday, I know that the 5km race experience and the training I did in preparation for it will be beneficial for my 1500m and 800m later this season.” As indicated by her Oxy 1500m result, she is not just driven to succeed from her own performances, but accurate as well. Results are below

2013 USATF High Performance Distance Classic

Occidental College

Event 5  Women 1500 M Run


Meet: * 4:05.92  2012        Shannon Rowbury, Nike

Stadium: # 4:05.92  2012        Shannon Rowbury, Nike

Name                    Year Team                    Finals



1 Mackey, Katie                Brooks                 4:04.60#

2 Cain, Mary                   Unattached             4:04.62#

3 Sifuentes, Nicole            Saucony                4:04.65#

4 Brown, Sarah                 New Balance            4:05.27#

5 Lucas, Julia                 Nike                   4:05.89#

6 Buckman, Zoe                 Nike                   4:05.91#

7 Kuijken, Susan               Nike                   4:06.59

8 Coburn, Emma                 Colorado               4:06.87

9 Conley, Kim                  New Balance            4:07.17

10 Tomlin, Renee                Nike                   4:08.09

11 Simpson, Jemma               Nike                   4:08.51

12 Lagat, Violah                Unattached             4:08.87

13 Stellingwerff, Hilary        Speed River/           4:10.47

14 Van Buskirk, Kate            Brooks                 4:11.14

15 Schappert, Nicole            Brooks/NYAC            4:11.80

16 Wilson, Heather              Njnytc                 4:12.58

17 Gallagher, Kerri             Pacers New Balance     4:12.97

18 Franek, Bridget              Nike                   4:15.09

19 Van Alstine, Amy             adidas                 4:15.65

20 Brown, Stephanie             Arkansas               4:16.10

21 Praught, Aisha               Nike                   4:16.66

22 O’Connell, Jessica           University of Ca       4:17.17

23 Carlyle, Laura               Bowerman AC            4:17.39

24 Guevara, Cristina            Mexico                 4:17.67

25 Mecke, Dana                  San Antonio Elite      4:18.30

26 Salerno, Melissa             New Balance            4:18.60

27 Thomas, Callie               Unattached             4:18.67

28 Tauro, Danielle              Njnytc                 4:19.07

29 Cliff, Rachel                Vancouver Th           4:19.66

30 McShine, Pilar               Trinidad & Tobago      4:19.91

31 Miller, Ashley               Asics                  4:20.64

32 Hagans, Lauren               Asics                  4:21.06

33 Infeld, Emily                Nike                   4:21.23

34 Beck, Cat                    Cptc New Balance       4:23.20

35 Bizzarri, Angela             Brooks                 4:23.27

36 Digby, Erica                 Vancouver Th           4:24.75

37 van der Wyk, Tracee          Unattached             4:26.33

38 Jordán Ordiales, Cristin     C.D. Seoane- Pampín    4:31.43

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