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Nijel Amos, the current fastest man in the 800m event, was involved in a fall on the final turn in the semifinal heat that caused him and Isaiah Jewett of the US to crash. The two athletes got up, hugged, then finished the race together in a jog.

Ferguson Rotich of Kenya went on to win the heat in the time of 1:44.04. He clocked the fastest time for the second consecutive day.

Afterward, Jewett said, “I was super disappointed but I saw that Nigel was also disappointed. And he kind of looked at me and said like, ‘I’m sorry.’ And I was like let’s just finish the race. And I just wanted to, at least finish. That’s what my mom tells me, Always just finish what you started.”

Amos added, “I’ve got a cut on my leg but I don’t know what happened.”