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Seventy-one-year-old Joseph Camilleri test runs Nike Pegasus Turbo racing flat against Nike Next % super shoe in 1600m interval track session.

The Victoria, BC resident is looking to set new 70-plus age-group personal bests including running 1:30 or faster in the half-marathon distance; he has come close.

In a recent time trial, alone, and in poor weather, he ran a time trial on a gravel and dirt trail, running 21.1 kilometres in 1:33.

At the Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence (PISE) in Victoria, he ran the session: 3 x 1600m in the Pegasus and 3 x 1600m in the Next %.

“It feels like the shoes are propelling you forward,” said Camilleri. “After doing a few interval sessions, it feels like the shoe is helping you for sure.”

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