Allegations of favouritism and misappropriation of public funds to do with awarding of construction contracts are the primary reason behind Tuesday’s 2024 Paris Olympic Games raid. The Paris 2024 organising committee is cooperating with investigators.

The raid by anti-corruption investigators took place on Tuesday at the 2024 Paris Olympic headquarters, as well as other offices.

The Games will take place from July 26 to Aug. 11. As per usual with global championships, these Games have already been tainted by scandal. The 2024 Olympic Games have had internal issues flare up with people leaving.

Recently, Brigitte Henriques, the president of France’s National Olympic Committee, quit without giving a reason. Reports suggest that there are internal conflicts.

COJOP was opened in 2017 and was entrusted to the Central Office for the Fight Against Corruption, Financial and Tax Offences with charges of “illegal taking of interests, embezzlement of public funds, favouritism and concealment of favouritism,” targeting several contracts awarded in particular by COJOP.

SOLIDEO was opened in 2022 and was entrusted to the financial brigade of the Parisian police (BRDE), with charges of “illegal taking of interests, favouritism and concealment of favouritism relating to several contracts awarded by COJOP and SOLIDEO.”

The French do not want what happened in Tokyo leading up to the 2021 Games to happen in Paris — historically, the Olympics are rife with corruption.