Parkrun has removed course and age records (bests) from its website and future results will only include basic finish times.

Also gone are Parkrun world bests as well as statistics for most wins or for finishing under a particular benchmark as the organization seeks to make its data less performance-oriented. Apparently, the public record-keeping was taken as not in line with the original mandate of Parkrun — to simply provide an opportunity to get out and exercise in public spaces.

Photo credit: Joseph Camilleri from Clover Point Parkrun, Victoria, BC 2023

A document Parkrun reads, “We know that our websites are an important source of information for all parkrunners, especially for those who are new and yet to take part. Our insight tells us that some of the content we share and how we present it can be off-putting or create opportunities for misunderstanding (e.g. parkrun is not a race but we list most things like most first finishes).

“So in the coming days, we will no longer publish data such as attendance records, course records, fastest finishers, most first finishes, and age-graded or category records. The results pages for every event, your personalized results email and your individual profile pages will remain unchanged.”

Sadly, once again, transgender athletes who were born male have taken women’s records.

Athletics Illustrated’s stance is around inclusiveness and getting people exercising as much as possible and healthful, but categorically disagrees with transgender males competing in female categories.