The Athletics Illustrated Person of the Week honours for the week of
August 31, 2020, goes to New Zealand masters runner and two-time Olympian Robbie Johnston. Johnston won the 50-54
age-group cross-country race in Dunedin, but that is not why he is named Person of the Week…

Joe Allison/Getty Images

Robbie Johnston was DQ’d when he crossed the finish line at the Athletics New Zealand Cross-Country Challenge on Saturday, having spat.

The two-time Olympian was warming down after the win when he was informed of the DQ. He had raced in the masters men’s 50-54 age group in the race that was held in Dunedin.

The veteran was alleged to have been spotted twice spitting on the Chisholm Links course during the 8-kilometre race. Imagine if he started sweating.

Fellow Kiwi veterans declared that “the world has gone mad.”

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