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The Athletics Illustrated Person of the Week honours for the week of July 27, 2020, goes to Stephen Scullion. Scullion, one of Northern Ireland’s fastest marathon runners with a personal best (Jan, 2020) of 2:11:52
spoke out against the Nike Vaporfly shoes.

On July 26, he told the BBC (John Haughey, July 26 ‘If you don’t wear them, don’t expect to be competitive’: Irish distance runners have their say on the shoes debate) “I’ve worked so, so hard these last few years but where the sport has moved to now is that the first question someone is asked after a marathon is ‘what shoes did you wear?'”

He added, “A lot of people are losing respect [for the sport]. That’s fair because they are clearly performance-enhancing.”

On July 15, during an Athletics Illustrated interview legendary Scot, Liz McColgan had expressed her interest in the sport and how she is losing interest due to the shoes (and doping).

Personal bests

5,000m – 13:50.03
10,000m – 28:36.05
Half-marathon – 63:17
Marathon – 2:11:5s


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