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Natasha Wodak has run the second-fastest marathon time in Canadian history at 2:26:19 at the 2020 Chandler, AZ one-off event called The Marathon Project. The national record is currently held by Malindi Elmore at 2:24:50 from the 2020 Houston Marathon.

Wodak has publicly stated that she is going for the record this Sunday in Berlin.

Natasha Wodak winning the Vancouver Sun Run. Photo credit: Christopher Kelsall/Athletics Illustrated

The difference in their bests is just 1:29. The forecast looks nearly ideal.

Wodak previously held the national 10,000m record at 31:41.59 and the half-marathon record at 69:41. According to the World Athletics points performance rating system, her bests are:

10,000m – 1155 points
Half-marathon – 1136 points
Marathon – 1169 points

Elmore’s record of 2:24:50 is rated at 1184 points.

Wodak currently holds the national 8K road best at 25:28, which is the same level of performance as her 10,000m best.

Wodak finished 13th at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Marathon and in the time of 2:31:41, Elmore was ninth at 2:30:59. Just 42 seconds apart.

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