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As predicted by Athletics Illustrated and denied by Premier Daniel Andrews, his political career crashed and burned after his decision to cancel the 2026 Victoria Commonwealth Games.

Andrews has stepped down as Premier of the state of Victoria effective Monday at 5:00 PM. He made his announcement from Melbourne on Friday.

“It’s not an easy job being the Premier of our State – that’s not a complaint, that’s just a fact,” Andrews said.

“It requires 100 per cent from you and your family. 

“That is, of course, time-limited and now is the time to step away.”

He knew that for the first eight years. It either suddenly dawned on him or his popularity went the way of the Tasmanian Tiger.

According to the publication Inside the Games, countries and sports have reacted with shock and anger at the announcement. The announcement was provided by Andrews that the state had cancelled plans to host the Games. However, “the decision will have no impact on the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Brisbane.”

Andrews was unhappy with the escalation of costs to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games. He claims that “with 973 days until the start of the Games, the original forecast budget for the event of $2.6 billion (£1.3 billion/$1.7 billion/€1.5 billion) was now expected to be $6 billion (£3.1 billion/$4 billion/€3.6 billion).”

Six billion dollars is a lot of money. And certainly, when expectations were for a spend of $2.6 billion, it looks like an out-of-control escalation. Andrews, however, felt that $380 million was an acceptable amount to buy nothing at all.