Are you an elite endurance athlete racing in events from 800m to the
marathon or 20km/50km race walk?

Are you interested in nutrition for training and racing and changing the
way you eat each day to get the best out of your sessions?

We’d like to know more about “dietary periodization” – that is, how high-performance athletes currently arrange their nutrition practices, across the yearly training program, around various training phases, and over the day.

This information will help researchers to undertake better studies on this topic, as well as to provide you with a comprehensive picture on how nutrition is practiced in your sport


To investigate the current nutrition knowledge and practices of elite middle/distance track and field athletes (800m to marathon, 20km and 50km race walks) around ”dietary periodization” – changing nutritional strategies across the annual training program to meet changing nutrition goals. We are focused on specific eating practices across different phases: · base training phase · specific preparation phase, · competition season and competition day. · Day to day and within the day strategies


We are inviting athletes who fit in the selection criteria below: · are an elite female or male distance runner/race walker · are 18 years or older · are currently and actively racing in distance events (800m – marathon, 20km W, 50km W) with a personal best that is over 1050 IAAF points: o 800m:

< 1:49.22 for males & 2:05.97 for females o 1,500m: < 3:44.30 for males & 4:20.07 for females o 3000m sc: < 8:46.76 for males & 10:19.12 for females o 5,000m: < 13:45.20 for males & 16:00.04 for females o 10,000m: < 28:54.43 for males & 33:43.47 for females o Marathon: < 2:16:25 for males & 2:38:35 for females o Race walk 20km: < 1:27:38 for males & 1:38:07 for females o Race walk 50km: < 4:09:26 for males & 4:40:06 for females


We invite you to complete an online survey via Survey Gizmo. The survey consists of a series of questions in relation to your dietary practices during different training/competition phases. Most questions include multiple choice answers, however, you have the possibility to provide further information where necessary. You can complete the questionnaire online (link provided above), anywhere and anytime.

The questionnaire will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. You will be asked to complete the questionnaire once, and there are no follow up procedures once you have completed the questionnaire.


By completing the questionnaire you will assist us in generating a better understanding of the current sports nutrition knowledge and practices of elite endurance athletes. This information is valuable:

1) It will guide future research in the area of sports nutrition; and

2) It will show the impact of current/previous research and evidence-based guidelines in influencing the current practices of endurance athletes. While there are no immediate benefits to you in completing the questionnaire, we have set up a secret Facebook group to allow us to share the insights we gain, or to promote interaction between athletes and sports scientists on this topic. You are invited to join this also if you wish to be involved in these activities and to have first access to the results of the survey and its publications. Note that this project is an update of a pilot study that we have previously run. If you were involved in this project, you are still eligible to take part in our improved survey.


To participate in the survey, please click the link below. For more information, please contact Ms. Ida Heikura (PhD Candidate, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, Australia) Link to the survey:

Link to the Facebook group: