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The eighth annual Harry Jerome Indoor Games will take place Saturday, February 3rd at the Richmond Olympic Oval in Greater Vancouver. Meet Director, Doug Clement has been busy assembling a competitive field for the event that is named after the Canadian sprint icon.

“The Achilles Society is excited about the eighth Jerome Indoor Games presented by TELUS as many young athletes will be identified who will be the stars of the future,” shared Clement.

Deadline to register for the event is Friday, January 26. Asked how many entries he expects to see Clement told Athletics Illustrated, “We expect our entries to approach 400 as we near the deadline Friday evening.”

The Olympic skating oval, built for the 2010 Winter Olympics, is a facility that accommodates a five-lane, 200-metre oval running track, plus room for field events like the shot put and high jump.  There is also a separate 100m straightaway that offers a safe, five-lane environment for up to 60m sprints and 60m hurdles events.

Many junior, midget and youth athletes will take in the event, however, racing is available for masters and all abilities.

See the race day schedule below.

Location:          Richmond Olympic Oval ~ 6111 River Road, Richmond, BC – www.richmondoval.com


Events: JD (born 2009-2005): 60m – 600m – 4X200m Mixed Relay (2G/2B)

JD (born 2006-2005): Shot Put (Boys/Girls) – WAS A NEW EVENT LAST YEAR!

                        Midget, Youth, Masters, Open:

                        60m – 60mH – 300m – 600m – 1000m – 1200m*/1500m – 4x200m Relay – HJ – SP

* 1200m is the official distance event for Midget W/M

                        CO-ED RACE-WALK EVENTS AGAIN!  1500m Midget-Youth-Open; 800m JD (born 2006-2005)


Awards:            Medals to top 3 finishers in ALL DIVISIONS!

                        The Pacific World Cup for the University team aggregate point winner.  Scoring: 6-4-3-2-1

The Eaton Cup for the Club team (Midget-Youth-Open) aggregate winner.  Scoring: 6-4-3-2-1

Awards for best individual performance in Midget W/M; Youth W/M, Masters W/M, Open W/M


Entry Fees:       $17.50 per person per event; $35.00 per relay team

Large Team Entry Fee Ceiling:  $400 per gender team.

                        Entries open Dec 15, 2017 and close midnight, Friday, Jan 26, 2018.  

                        Go to:   www.TrackieReg.com/2018JeromeIndoor


BC Athletics Membership Requirements:

All participants in the meet must hold a 2018 BC Athletics or equivalent membership in order to take part in the meet. More BC Athletics information at: http://www.bcathletics.org/main/index.htm


Eligible memberships are:

  • 2018 Competitive BC Athletics membership
  • 2018 Competitive membership with another province or IAAF Federation
  • 2018 Team Roster membership with a 2018 BC Athletics affiliated Post Secondary Club
  • 2017/2018 BC Athletics School Club (Elementary through High School) membership

Elementary through High School aged athletes who are not with a 2017/2018 BC Athletics School Club are permitted to take out a $3.00 Day of Event membership in order to participate in the meet.

Note: Day of Event memberships are not permitted for any other age group.


For the latest meet and entry information check: www.harryjerome.com/events/2018-jerome-indoor-games

Oval Track Schedule – Sectioned Timed Finals

Last reviewed (DRAFT) Dec 10, 2017


10:00 JD 12-13-Midget-Youth-Open M Shot Put
10:00 Midget 14-15 W 600m
10:05 Midget 14-15 M 600m
10:15 Youth 16-17 W 600m
10:20 Youth 16-17 M 600m
10:35 Open W 600m
10:45 Open M 600m
10:55 JD 9-13 W 600m
11:10 JD 9-13 M 600m
11:25 JD 12-13-Midget-Youth-Open W Shot Put
11:25 Midget, Youth, Open 14 and up W 1000m
11:35 Midget, Youth 14-18 M 1000m
11:45 Open M 1000m
12:00 Track Oval Closed for 60m OM
12:20 Midget 14-15 W 300m
12:40 Midget 14-15 M 300m
12:50 Opening Ceremonies
 1:00 Midget-Youth-Open W High Jump
 1:00 JD 9-13 G/B 4x200MixedRelay
 1:15 JD 12-13/Midget-Youth-Open M/W Race Walk 800m/1500m
 1:30 Youth 16-17 W 300m
 1:45 Youth 16-17 M 300m
 2:10 Open W 300m
 2:15 Open M 300m
 2:40 Midget 14-15 W 1200m
 2:50 Midget 14-15 M 1200m
 3:00 Track Oval Closed for 60m OM
 3:05 Midget-Youth-Open M High Jump
 3:25 Youth 16-17 W 1500m
 3:35 Youth 16-17 M 1500m
 3:45 Open W 1500m
 3:55 Open M 1500m
 4:05 Midget 14-15 M 4x200Relay
 4:15 Youth 16-17 W 4x200Relay
 4:25 Youth 16-17 M 4x200Relay
 4:35 Open W 4x200Relay


   5:15         Awards:  Pacific World Cup – Eaton Cup – Outstanding Individual Performances


Straightaway Schedule

Last reviewed (DRAFT) Dec 10, 2017


9:45 Midget 14-15 W 60mH-Prelim
 9:50 Midget 14-15 M 60mH-Prelim
 9:55 Youth 16-17 W 60mH-Prelim
10:00 Youth 16-17 M 60mH-Prelim
10:05 Open W 60mH-Prelim
10:10 Open M 60mH-Prelim
10:25 Midget 14-15 W 60mH Final
10:30 Midget 14-15 M 60mH Final
10:35 Youth 16-17 W 60mH Final
10:40 Youth 16-17 M 60mH Final
10:45 Open W 60mH Final
10:50 Open M 60mH Final
11:00 Midget 14-15 W 60m-Prelim
11:20 Midget 14-15 M 60m-Prelim
11:40 Youth 16-17 W 60m-Prelim
12:00 Open M 60m-Prelim
12:25 Youth 16-17 M 60m-Prelim
12:50 Opening Ceremonies
 1:00 Open W 60m-Prelim
 1:15 JD 12-13 G 60m-Prelim
 1:30 JD 12-13 B 60m- Prelim
 1:45 JD 9-11 G 60m-Section Final
 2:20 JD 9-11 B 60m Section Final
 2:30 JD 12-13 G 60m- Final
 2:35 JD 12-13 B 60m- Final
 2:40 Youth 16-17 W 60m Final
 2:45 Youth 16-17 M 60m Final-
 2:50 Open W 60m Final-A+B
 3:00 Open M 60m Final-A+B
 3:10 Midget 14-15 W 60m Final
 3:15 Midget 14-15 M 60m Final
 3:20 Masters W 60m-Final
 3:30 Masters M 60m-Final


 5:15 –  Awards:  Pacific World Cup – Eaton Cup – Outstanding Individual Performances