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A powerfully inspirational tale that could tide you over until the next Olympics.”


“An uplifting, inspirational, and monumental symbol of hope, Maker is the kind of figure whose stories documentaries were made for telling.”
“Astronomically affecting and heartbreaking, the moments where Maker [SPOILER] are some of the most moving images in contemporary cinema. Runner is about hope, inspiration, and the unification of a country.”

“Gallagher tells Maker’s story in incredibly exciting ways and enlightens the audience to his extraordinary journey. The final product is riveting, enjoyable, and heart-wrenching from beginning to end. Guor is an inspirational, one-of-a-kind talent, and everything one might need to know about him is captured in Gallagher’s exhilarating documentary.”

“This is the rare documentary that truly does justice to its incredible hero.”
“A beautifully human story that is about nothing less than what makes us go, what makes us try, and what makes us run.”