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Apparently the Russians are slow learners. They continue to march on in a parade of cheating and denial as if no one is watching. The problem for them is that the world is watching – including the doping authorities.

The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) has now provided the Russian Athletics Federation (RUSAF) a three-week extension to respond to charges of obstructing an anti-doping investigation in regards to high jumper Danil Lysenko.

RUSAF now has until January 2 to provide answers for his apparent doping by officials from RUSAF. This comes after more than a year-long investigation into the matter.

They originally had been given the date of Dec. 12 to respond.

The ban had an effect on the removal of RUSAF President Dmitry Shlyakhtin as well as the process for Russia’s reinstatement to international sport. Their ban was ultimately extended another four years.

WADA ruled that Russian athletes who can prove they had no involvement in the doping scandal or the cover-up will be able to compete. RUSAF expects the response to allow Lysenko to compete too.

Dmitry Shlyakhtin who became president in 2016, was suspended for his apparent involvement in Lysenko’s whereabouts violations.

Shylakhtin was accused of faking medical records to ensure Lysenko avoided punishment and of failing to cooperate with an investigation.