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The Russian Athletics Federation (RusAF) meeting with World Athletics has been postponed for the second time.

TASS news agency reported the postponement for the crucial meeting to save RusAF’s membership in the global association. No date has been set. It was scheduled for August 14, then was scheduled for the 18th.

Russia narrowly avoided complete expulsion from World Athletics when they failed to pay the $6.31 million of the $10 million fine that they owe for alleged ongoing corruption.

High jump World Athletics gold medallist, Maria Lasitskene, told TASS “We had a schedule on the international tournaments from the very beginning, we have been organising training sessions in line with this schedule, we have been making preparations in line with this schedule and have never deviated from this schedule.”

RusAF is also required to create a roadmap of how they are going to turn around their alleged corruption and doping. This is due by the end of August.