The head coach of Russian athletics, Valentin Maslakov, has offered to step down in a letter of resignation. The 70-year-old has been involved in coaching since 1973 and has helped train athletes from the former Soviet Union, the CIS and Russia.

He had been in charge of Russia since 2007, however he voluntarily decided to leave his role after the recent doping revelations that have rocked Russian athletics. “This is a manly thing to do from an absolute professional in his business,” the president of the Russian Athletics Federation (VFLA), Valentin Balakhnichev, said in an interview with the website Team Russia 2016.

“We discussed this together after the effect the doping revelations have had on Russian athletics. Even though Maslakov has nothing to do with anti-doping policies of the Russian athletics team, he could not stand by idly and decided to take responsibility for those who he was in charge of.“

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