Poisogova-Guliyev now competes for Turkey.

Some of the field from that Olympic final has already been banned including fellow Russian Maria Savinova who tested positive for doping. Poistogova-Guliyev was moved up to silver after Savinova was banned. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is going to run out of finalists to re-disperse medals to.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) recommended a lifetime ban for Poistogova-Guliyev following its investigation into systematic doping in Russia. The Court of Arbitration for Sport suspended her for two years in 2017 however, permitted her results from 2012 to stand.

Next in line is Kenyan Pamela Jelimo and American Alysia Montano for silver and bronze, respectively. In addition to Poistogova-Guliyev and Savinova, Elena Arzhakova also tested positive. Russia was subsequently banned for systematic doping. World Athletics continues to ban the country. The IOC has banned Russia from the 2024 Paris Olympic Games due to its war in Ukraine.

Pre-super spikes, Poistogova-Guliyev ran as fast as 1:57.53. She finished fourth in the Moscow World Championships the following year. Ironically, Poistogova-Guliyev switched allegiance to Turkey, as that country’s track athletes were caught en-masse doping too.

Widespread doping

Thirty-one athletes in one go tested positive for one or both anabolic steroids, turnibal and stanazolol in 2012. Turkish Athletics Federation chairman Megmet Terzi, stepped down from his position that week.

It is also ironic that the Russian Athletics Federation banned a Russian athlete. The organization, along with the Russian Anti-Doping Agency had covered up their systematic doping and protected Russian athletes. The widespread and systematic doping was documented in the book The Russian Affair by doping control officer Vatily Stepanov and his athlete-wife Yuliya Stepanova, who competed in the 800m event. The couple and their son are currently in exile.

At the time, the president of World Athletics (International Association of Athletics Federations) president Lamine Diack suggested Turkish athletics officials “need to clean their house.”

Diack ended up in jail for extorting Russian athletes when they tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. His son Papa Massata Diack cannot leave his home in Senegal because French authorities have found him guilty of extortion and will arrest and jail him too. Other charges Lamine was jailed for include money laundering and bribery.

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