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The International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) ban on the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) has been upheld by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

The ban, which began on October 12, 2023, continues, as Russia has not let up on its attack on Ukraine. This ban is unrelated to the recent ban due to systematic doping. Additionally, World Athletics has its ban on Russia from competing internationally in track and field. There is also a ban on organizing international competitions in Russia or Belarus from the IOC.

The CAS’s decision is final and binding. One more avenue for ROC to travel is down the road to the Swiss Court of Appeal. It is a last chance opportunity.

“The CAS panel in charge of the case dismissed the appeal and upheld the contested decision, finding that the IOC EB had not violated the principles of legality, equality, predictability or proportionality. The Arbitral Award issued by the CAS Panel is currently subject to a confidentiality review, which means that the parties might request that the Arbitral Award, or certain information contained in it, remain confidential. For this reason, the Arbitral Award will not be published immediately on the CAS website”, the CAS said.

According to the IOC, the Russian attack was a “violation of the territorial integrity of the Ukrainian Olympic Committee” and therefore of the Olympic Charter. On Nov. 6, the ROC appealed to the CAS. 

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