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America’s fastest marathon runner Ryan Hall, declared himself  as fit and ready to race the 2012 London Olympic Marathon. He said, “To be honest, my build up for this marathon has had many rocky moments, everything from MRIs to plague-like sickness, but through it all I have been able to not miss any workouts and I feel well prepared”. The race starts at the iconic Mall location at 11:00am GMT, Sunday, August 12th.

Hall has battled injuries in preparation for this race. One of note was his plantar fasciitis, which has completely cleared up, “I have also had some of my best training ever during this time and more importantly am coming to the starting line completely healthy after battling a nasty bout of plantar fasciitis”.

America’s fastest time

Twenty-nine year old Hall owns a marathon personal best of 2:04:58, which he achieved at the 2011 B.A.A. Boston Marathon. Hall’s time is faster than Khalid Kannouchi’s official American record of 2:05:38 that was run during the 2002 London marathon race. Boston is considered aided as it has a point-to-point course and a net drop more than the allowable amount. Hall’s officially recognized best is 2:06:17, which was run during the 2008 Virgin London Marathon. When asked if the Olympic course suits him he said, “ I think the course in London will run flat and fast, despite what many are saying about the many turns.  I also think the electricity of the crowd will produce some amazing results”.

Hall was also the very first American runner to break the 60 minute barrier for the half-marathon distance. His half-marathon personal best time is, 59:43, which he achieved at the Aramco Houston marathon in 2007.

World Record – 2:03:38

Olympic Record – 2:06:32

Beijing Olympic letdown

Anticipating a much better outcome, Hall finished tenth at the Beijing Olympic Games Marathon with his time of 2:12:33. The Beijing Olympic Marathon was won by the late Sami Wanjiru in very warm temperatures. Wanjiru finished in 2:06:32. The temperatures in London are not likely to reach the same level as they did in Beijing, which should prove to benefit Hall. Hall said, “I’m looking forward to taking part in this epic race.  I think it will be a race that is not forgotten anytime soon”.

Ryan Hall sounds to be rejuvenated, injury free, well prepared and genuinely excited to race, “”I always get excited to run marathons but the London 2012 Olympic Marathon will generate a whole new level of excitement in me when I toe the starting line”, he said.


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