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Langley, BC runner, Sarah Inglis ran a new 5,000-metre personal best on Jan. 26, finishing the Dempsey Indoors meet at the University of Washington in the time of 15:35.89. Her previous best was 15:41.29 for outdoors in Portland, OR from June of 2017 – the new pb was a strong performance.

Asked about how the 5,000m result will influence her goals for the 10,000m distance, she told Athletics Illustrated, “I’d love to get 32:20-range if all goes well in the 10K! The field I’m racing in has 12 girls who have run sub-32:20 so if the weather is good it should be a fun race.”

She was referring to the Pacific Pursuit meet at the UC San Diego track on Sunday.

She ran 32:36.84 for fourth place. The race was won by Kellyn Taylor (Johnson), who finished in the time of 32:13.54. The second-place finisher was Stephanie Bruce in 32:15.88, while third was Anne Marie Blaney in 32:31.50.

“I felt great through 5k, going through in 16:07 or so and while the leading pack broke away, I stayed with the second group. I wish I had gone with the break but was scared, ha-ha. The pace slowed a bit and I managed to work my way through the field to fourth place and beat some quality girls!”

“I will have more confidence next time!”

She will remain in Arizona for the following two weeks with the Langley Mustangs Endurance Group, led by coach Mark Bomba. “We will make plans for next racing, maybe the St. Paddy’s Day 5K in Vancouver,” she added.

Taylor has shown good range from 5,000m to the marathon. She has run the 5,000m as fast as 15:21.03, the 10,000m in 31:40.70, half-marathon 1:10:16 and the marathon in 2:24:29. The 32-year-old ran four new personal bests in 2018.

Bruce has run the 10,000m event in the time of 31:49.40 and the half-marathon distance in 1:10:53 – Inglis was mixing it up with quality competitors.

The top-three in the men’s race were Noah Droddy, Jerrell Mock and Alex Monroe who finished in the time of 28:32.66, 28:33.58 and 28:53.00 respectively.

The St. Paddy’s Day 5K takes place in Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC on Saturday, March 16 at 9:30 am.

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