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The Japanese and certainly the Tokyo residents are skittish about the risk associated with the Olympic Games amid the pandemic. Coming out of an emergency lockdown, they continue to fear foreign visitors.

Adding to their concerns are visiting athletes who are testing positive for the coronavirus. Two Ugandas of their delegation of nine have now tested positive.

Despite having been vaccinated with Astra Zeneca and testing negative before leaving Uganda, the second person, a coach, tested positive upon arrival. The team is in quarantine for two weeks as per typical procedure for international travel.

Fit and healthy athletes are not immune to being infected. Athletes who compete in the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, Premiereship and across the globe have been infected including most of the Vancouver Canucks, during the regular season as well as football great Ronaldo.

Currently, there has been a total of 180-million people infected the world over. One-hundred and six-five million have recovered. The U.S.A. and India continue to lead the world in the total number of cases at 34 and 30-million, respectively. Japan has had the 34th most cases in the world, to date at less than 800,000. Their deaths per 1-million population is fairly low at 115. For example, Brazil has had 2370 deaths per million, while Peru is at 5717 per million and Italy is at 2109 per. China claims just 3/mill.