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The 2021 Shanghai Marathon has been indefinitely postponed, organisers announced on Wednesday. Apparently there is a resurgence of the coronavirus.

China is battling a new wave of infections, this time it is the Delta variant that is causing more lockdown-like restrictions on large public gatherings.

In Asia, recently the Tokyo Marathon, one of the six big races that is included in the Marathon Majors series was cancelled. The Beijing Marathon and Wuhan Marathons were also cancelled in October.

According to Worldometers.com, a website that tracks the global population and the coronavirus in real-time, China with its population of 1.43 billion people, is listed as 113 out of 224 countries in total number of coronavirus cases at 98,001. In comparison, the US with a population of approximately 333 million leads all nations with 474-million cases, to date.

The stark difference may lead one to conclude that therefore a herd immunity approach is dangerous for its citizens. Japan, for example, is listed at 28/224 nations and have had nearly two million cases reported, with a population of 125-million people.

World Championships marathon course revealed

SHOESTRINGS: World Athletics has revealed that the 2022 World Athletics Championships marathon route is now settled and published a map, which shows a 14-kilometre loop that will be run three equal times, except the final stretch goes past the start line for 195m.

Eugene, Oregon is the site of the 2022 World Athletics Championships

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