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In a rare debut win, Sifan Hassan — the Dutchwoman — who proved to be an Olympic medallist over a broad range of distances, 1500 metres to the 10,000m, clocked a stunning 2:18:33 in London on Sunday. It was one of the greatest performances in marathon running history. Meanwhile, Kenyan Kelvin Kiptum rolled out a jaw-dropping a 2:01:25 performance for the win. It was just four months ago, during the Valencia Marathon that Kiptum ran the fastest all-time marathon debut at 2:01:53. Look out world record holders Eliud Kipchoge and Brigid Kosgei.

Alemu Megertu from Ethiopia took second in the time of 2:18:37, while the third female was Tokyo Olympic gold medallist Peres Jepchirchir of Kenya finishing in the time of 2:18:28. Seven women finished under 2:21 for one of the most competitive marathon races ever.

Kenyan Geoffrey Kamworor finished in second place in the time of 2:04:23, while taking third was Tamirat Tola of Ethiopia in the time of 2:04:59.

A lead pack of eight men arrived at the halfway point in the time of 61:40. At 30K — on pace for a very fast 2:02:55 finish — and after the final rabbit retired, the lead pack was down to just five. At this point, Kiptum dropped the pace and left his competitors stranded. Kiptum injected pace and gave what appeared to be a final 10K that would rival world record holder Eliud Kipchoge (2:01:09). After two marathons, Kiptum is ahead of Kipchoge based on finish times and two wins.

Hassan had stopped twice to stretch her quad muscles. The former Ethiopian, fell back during the early stages, possibly due to a lack of electrolytes intake during Ramadan. Similar to her fall during the Olympic Games, she got herself back into the race and began to take command. Meanwhile, world record holder Brigid Koskei retired early.

In the final effort to the finish, Hassan dropped Megertu and Jepchirchir with authority, possibly due to her strength as a middle-distance runner.



  1. Kelvin Kiptum – 2:01:25
  2. Geoffrey Kamwowor – 2:04:23
  3. Tamirat Tola – 2:04:59
  4. Leul Gebriselasie – 2:05:45
  5. Seifu Tura – 2:06:38


  1. Sifan Hassan – 2:18:33
  2. Alemu Megeretu – 2:18:37
  3. Peres Jepchirchir – 2:18:38
  4. Shelia Chepkirui – 2:18:51
  5. Yalemezerf Yekulaw – 2:18:53